Bar Tools Tea Towel


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This bar towel features 23 original illustrations of both common and esoteric bar tools for the cocktail enthusiast. All hand-drawn and printed onto a natural, unbleached cotton tea towel. Machine washable and lint-free flour sack. All you could want and more.

Towel measures approximately 27 x 25 inches. Image is screen printed in black ink in the lower center, so all the cocktails are visible when you hang up your new towel in your kitchen or bar.

Bar tools featured are: Muddler, Ice Pick, Julep Strainer, Boston Shaker, Juicer, Peeler, Paring Knife, Matches, Channel Zester, Absinthe Spoon, Spice Grater, Jigger, Lewis Ice Bag, Cobbler Strainer, N20 Whipped Cream Charger, Stirring Spoon, Hawthorne Strainer, Ice Tongs, Mixing Glass, Pour Spout, Fine Mesh Strainer, Spoon, and Garnish Toothpicks

Shipped in weather-proof Tyvek mailer via USPS First Class.

© 2014 Alyson Thomas

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Image of Cocktail Diagram Tea Towel