Regional American Barbeque Venn Diagram Poster


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Barbecue country is serious. Ever want to know the difference between Memphis and South Carolina barbeque? What about western North Carolina vs. eastern North Carolina. It's all down to the meat and sauce.

This is a signed 13 x19 poster of my original watercolor and ink infographic painting. I *extensively* researched the meat and sauce variations prominent in the BBQ traditions of different American regions. The result is a crazy awesome and instructive Venn diagram of American barbecue (aka "Venn-B-Que"), as well as a bold and colorful piece of art. Where the meat and sauce intersect, the correct region of BBQ is displayed.

Print measures 13 x 19 inches, which is a standard frame size. The reproduction is of very high quality; many mistake it for an original since you can see much of the original paint texture.

This is perfect for the barbecue fanatic.

Printed with archival inks on acid-free heavyweight archival paper. Every print is signed by the artist.

Shipped rolled in sturdy tubes, via USPS First Class. Multiple poster orders can be shipped in the same tube, and I'll refund the extra shipping charges via Paypal.

© 2012 - 2013 Alyson Thomas

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