Pandemic Objects


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Hey! Did you hear there was a global pandemic in 2020? Yep. In addition to keeping most of us in our homes and away from loved ones, the COVID pandemic also imbued extra significance into everyday common objects. I'm looking at you, toilet paper and yeast. So while 2020 is a year no one will ever forget, maybe a beautiful watercolor of some of the most important objects of the year will help us remember it more fondly? Or help process those emotions? Or maybe is just a good gift for your friend on the other side of the country who you haven't seen outside of a Zoom screen in 9 months?

Print of an original watercolor and pencil illustration. Print is 8.5 x 11 inches, on 100% cotton fine art paper, printed with archival inks. It basically looks like an original watercolor painting. You're welcome. Frame not included, but easy to find!

Signed by the artist. (me).

© 2017 Alyson Thomas