About Drywell Art

I clearly like meat, right? You probably do too. Everything here started as an original artwork, drawn and painted by me. I spend hours researching cuts of meat, food, beverages of the boozy persuasion, to provide accurate, crazy awesome, sometimes funny, and always 100% original diagrams for you. I adore food and hope that my artwork can make you, or the food-lover in your life, happy.

I have created artwork for Chronicle Books, The Bruery, Lost Abbey Brewing, Il Cane Rosso pizzeria in Dallas, TX, and Williams Sonoma, among others.

About Me

Drywell Art is the arty creation of me, Alyson Thomas. I was raised in suburban Texas + escaped to California as soon as I could. I am authorized to add “Esq.” to my name, but I choose not to, despite the fanciness it would certainly lend. In 2009, I quit my job as an immigration attorney to pursue an art career, despite my lack of formal art training. It was a kind of crazy (awesome) decision. Right now, I’m just riding this meat train for awhile.